Indian Recipes

Indian Recipes

Indian food is different from the food of any other country. India has a great variety of foods compared to any other country. Indian recipes have some very important as well as common ingredients like oil, ghee, garlic, turmeric, garam masala, etc.

India can indeed offer a great diversity in terms of food also. For example, south Indian vegetarian recipes like idlis and dosas are not that spicy but as one moves towards the north, the food tends to get spicier.
Milk and milk products like paneer (cottage cheese), curds and buttermilk are also an integral part in the Indian vegetarian recipes. Indian vegetarian dishes surely make one’s mouth watery with its authentic and scrumptious recipes.

These ingredients impart that special taste to a certain preparation. Every Indian recipe has a special requirement of spices. Some even demand mixture of various spices. There are various spices that have their special dedicated spices. These spices are now readily available in the market.

Most recipes of Indian origin recommend home made spice because they are fresh and safe. Indian recipes involve a play of adjustment of flame of the stove with water and spices. The better one can balance the three, the nearer one can reach the true authentic taste of that particular dish.

In fact, the recipes from India are in demand all over the world. There has been a rapid increase in the number of Indian cuisine restaurants all over the world and these restaurants serve authentic Indian recipes.