Indian Food Recipes

An introduction to Indian cuisine : Food is a very important part of the Indian culture. Indian food has always been loved all around the world due to its rich use of spices, herbs and oils. Indian food recipes are always in great demand.

Most of the religions in India, however, preach vegetarianism. A very important aspect of Indian food is festivals.

With every festival there is a dish associated. Due to a fairly large number of festivals, there is also a great variety of food.

Indian recipes can be simple and quick as well as difficult and lengthy. Indian vegetarian food is usually full of spices, herbs and flavors. Tasty, easy and nutritious Indian vegetarian recipes can surely offer one lip smacking variety of dishes.

Indian styled chutneys, Indian pickles, and other snacking item are surely very delicious to ones taste buds. As one travels in India from one state to another, changes in the style of cooking, the ingredients, the method, changes.

But all of the recipes have a delicious outcome so the hard work is well paid. Indian food is mainly based on spices and ghee. From simple gravy to biryani, from simple chapati to dosas, they all make good use of ghee and spices. It is difficult to quit Indian food once adopted.

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