Indian Food Recipe

Indian food has always been in great demand all over the world. The rich aroma of spices, the taste of various seeds just mesmerizes the person whoever has it. Indian food is all about spices. Indian has a wide variety of spices to choose from.

Each imparts a different taste to the recipe. Indian food has no well written forms but the recipes have been passed on from generation to generation orally by the ladies. Indian food recipe is full of colors, aromas, vegetables, seeds, spices and oils.

The moment one thinks of vegetarian food, India is surely the first name that comes to the mind. Most of the people in India are vegetarian. Indian vegetarian recipes offer a great variety of tastes and flavors.

Indian vegetarian recipes have an incredible array of fresh vegetables. To add to it, each region has its own style of cooking. India truly offers a mind-boggling variety especially in terms of vegetarian foods. Most of the Indian vegetarian recipes involve ingredients that are good for ones health. However, traditional Indian vegetarian recipes sometimes require too much oil, butter or ghee

In India, every state has its distinct style of cooking. Gujarat is famous for its sweet and salty combination foods, Punjab is well known for spicy and oily foods.

Indian food recipes are easy to prepare as well as can get really tricky if one is not aware of the right trick. Any Indian food requires a special trick to be done in order to make the food taste what it should.