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The Little Europe In Asia!
There is but one word to describe Macanese food, the cuisine of Macau. Heavenly. Imagine a cuisine in which the zingy flavors of Portuguese cuisine emerge in each morsel. Add to that the influences of Chinese food, which by itself is an absolute explosion of exotic spices and taste. Two distinct cultures, Portuguese and Chinese, make for two separate cuisines. But in Macau, they converge; to be reborn as one. Macanese cuisine.

The European parentage of Macanese cuisine can be traced to the colonising endeavours of the Portuguese. More than just claiming land, the Portuguese borrowed spices – the culinary secrets from the heartlands of Africa and India and took them to Macau.

Once on Oriental ground, Portuguese cuisine metamorphosed into an extraordinary pot pourri. European food married the Eastern modes of cooking and blessed by other influences has made Macanese food a staggeringly exotic and hybridised cuisine. Combining Chinese techniques of stir-fry cooking with western styles brought about many a delicious adventure.

Vegetarian Recipes