India Jobs and Employment

In India, majority of the jobs are available in the unorganized sector and a significantly large number of people are employed in various medium and small size industries spread across the nation. This is an interesting fact about jobs in India that only 9 percent of the total jobs are offered by the organized sector in India. In the organized sector, we include the government jobs, the jobs in the public sector units as well as the private corporate jobs. So, the unorganized sector in India is the major job providing segment besides scores of people engaged in agriculture and a disturbing fact is that maximum of them are engaged in agriculture.

Indian jobs and employment scenario was never so lucrative than it is today, with abundant high paying job opportunities in all industry segments. The young generation, with professional qualification in hand, have great potential of grabbing high-paying job opportunities. The growing Indian economy with high GDP growth rate is a great encouraging factor for the organizations to recruit new and efficient employees. Thus, most organizations in India have been hiring and will keep on hiring new talent to further expand their business. With the organizations willing to hire talents at a premium salary package, it’s a win-win situation for the job seekers who are efficient and qualified. Every month thousands and thousands of new jobs are added in both organized and unorganized sectors. Besides large corporate houses, the emergence of small and medium size industries has also been creating many job opportunities for Indian populace.

According to a recent study conducted by Ma Foi Randstand, this fact was revealed that 153,564 new jobs were added in the Indian job market between January-March 2010 only. This shows how jobs in India are growing in numbers with each passing day. The speed of new job creation in the country, in fact, is much faster than expected. If we try to analyze city-wise employment trends, Delhi and the national capital region (NCR) emerges with the largest employment opportunities with 38,350 jobs. Next is Mumbai with 27,650 jobs and then Chennai with 11,900 jobs.

In a recent study, 13 industry sectors have been identified which will be seen as major job creators in the Indian job market. These sectors include are banking, financial service & institutions, Information Technology and IT Enabled Services (IT and ITES), pharma & healthcare trade, consumer retail service, energy, transportation, storage and communication, real estate and construction, hospitality, media and entertainment. Also taking its stand are manufacturing of non-machinery and equipments, education & training and consultancy services. In recent time, almost all sectors are developing giving ruse to new job opportunities.