Festivals of India

The colourful landscape of India is a USP that attracts thousands of tourist’s world over to the country. This colour is intricately connected to the life and style of the various religious sects that are a part of the soil. As traditions are deeply rooted in the country the generations hand down their beliefs and rituals so that the thread of its cultures lives on and on.
Reason why we have a burst of festivals spurring every month. Most famous known across the country are Diwali, Christmas and Eid. These are the biggest festivals that involve almost everyone. Diwali is mainly celebrated by Hindus, Gujarathis and a motley of people that follow the tradition. Although it is tweaked according to the community celebrating it, the gist of it remains the same.Promotional gifting is at it’s peak in the corporate world.

Although Christmas is a festival of the Catholic community, people of all religions participate in it. The splendour and grandeur it accompanies is delightfully enjoyed by everyone. Reason why it is one of the biggest festivals in the country.

The best part about the period in which Eid is celebrated are the evening hours, where people of all religions flock to enjoy an assortment of food and sweetmeats. Everyone digs into to lick their fingers because of the yummy food prepared. Be it malpoas or kheer you are sure to be coming back for more.

Next in popularity is the Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebrated in September where idols of the god are poised in pandals especially prepared for the Hindu god. The idol is then immersed in water according to the days it was brought for. The biggest idols are immersed after 12 days of worship, chants and pooja’s.

Holi, is another brightly coloured festival played with all the palette of colours. A day prior to the festival a ritual of burning a haystack is undertaken, a belief goes that the evil is burnt down and what remains is goodness. The next day colours are sprinkled and poured on one another symbolising the colours of life. Family get together are held and the entire family relishes a good time together.
In the south Pongal is a very big festival. It is a holiday season as people take leave from work to celebrate the grand festival. Celebrated between 12th-15th January people from Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka become one at the festivity begins. Pongal rice is cooked this day in a new earthen pot along with an assortment of other dishes that can make your day.
Durga pooja is one of the biggest festivals in East India especially Bengal. Everything comes to a standstill as people have deep regard and respect for the goddess. From prayers, poojas to purchase of new clothes and decor for the home the whole of Bengal is united as one family as they celebrate this festival.

Other big festivals that are celebrated across include naag panchami, navarati, pongal, rakhi, guru nank jayanti, lohri, Eid-ul-fitr, ram navami, Easter and Parsi New Year.