Kitchen Collectables

While there are the essentials that every kitchen requires, there are also the luxuries that one enjoys splurging on, as well as they add to the look of the kitchen. For instance the antique cookie jars. They are not really needed, as one can make do with the regular jars and boxes. But these look nice and when serving guests tea and cookies they just become the center of attraction. Well, and envy for a few.

Adding to the kitchen collectables is the varied range of tea sets with the kettle. They come in various shapes and sizes, and prices; for that matter. Some people have two to three such tea sets, as well as coffee sets so as to maintain variety. They remove a set according to the setting. For instance, if it is a formal tea party then the expensive bone china set is brought out. And if it is something casual then maybe the tea mugs would just about do.

There is a wide range of spoons and forks with the dinner knives, which include the ordinary ones used on a daily basis, as well as the expensive ones that are pulled out when the guests come over. There are also those expensive ones that are gold or silver-plated with semi-precious stones that probably have come down generations, if not bought from the antique dealer. The more expensive the set of spoons, forks and knives the better they are preserved. They are mainly purchased to be kept as showpieces in the glass cabinet.

The dining sets kept in the kitchen also vary from those used daily to the collectibles. There are some rare sets that are available in limited stock as apromotional gift items for some company or occasion. For instance, there could be a limited edition dining set that has been designed by a renowned artist or painter, or signed by a film star. There are also the rather expensive crystal dinner sets that add to the beauty of the kitchen when kept in a well lit up glass cabinet. These are very rarely, or rather never removed for use.

Going onto the canisters. There are some nice sets for the tea, coffee and sugar. These are either metallic with calligraphy embossed labels. Then there are the crystal ones, or the transparent glass options. Also, there are antique stained glass canisters.

Traditionally people would use stainless steel utensils in the kitchen that were easily available and not too expensive. And the main advantage was that they were easy replace because of their bulk availability. However, this turns out to be problem with the collectables for the kitchen. This is because they are manufactured in limited numbers and the designs once out of stock are not ordered again. For this reason one needs to be all the more careful when using such jars, utensils and sets in the kitchen.

A homemaker’s heart literally breaks when for some reason one piece of her entire set is damaged. Then the collectable item is brought out from its prestigious place and kept amongst the other everyday kitchen objects. She does not have a choice, especially if she can replace the damaged piece.

But this does not mean that one does not buy any collectables all together. It is just that one needs to be extra careful when using them. And advisably keep it all out of the reach of the children.