Kitchen Chairs

Where to sit when dinner is served in the kitchen? Seems like a question with an obvious answer – on the floor if served on the floor, like our ancestors ate; or then on the chairs if served on the kitchen table that has chairs.
The kitchen chairs are mainly needed when the dining table is placed in this particular room, which is the case in most homes these days.

Yes, most people prefer to combine their dining and kitchen area so as to save more open space in the home. In fact, many people then utilize the actual dining area as a meditation room, or a family room where everyone can sit together after dinner and catch up with the day that went by, or then simply enjoy some card or board games together. Or watch a movie or television together.

Coming back to the chairs for the kitchen. These are rather small in size and yet comfortable. The manufacturers and designers keep in mind one important aspect, which is that the chairs should be comfortable for people of all sizes, especially where weight is concerned. Not only that, but most kitchen table and chairs are made from material which is rather light and easy to lug around the house, if and when the need arises, which is more so when there are guests coming over for a meal.

These are made from molded plastic and there are aesthetic designs that are doing the rounds. So apart from the typical ordinary ones that one is used to seeing in school and college cafeterias as well as open restaurants, there are also the colored machine crafted ones that appear to be wooden from a distance.

There are also varied colors to opt from. Gone are the days when homes maintained a standard table chair carved from wood, typically polished in various shades of brown. People are becoming increasingly experimental in the way they do up their homes. They are playing with bright and vibrant colors to bring life into their interiors. So there are the blue, red, green, yellow, striped, dotted… kitchen chairs, as well as the whites and beiges.

Not to break the hearts of those who prefer the good old wood look… There are the oak kitchen chairs that have been trimmed down to size, keeping in mind the small kitchen spaces built these days. Of all other wood options, oak wood is recommended because of its durability. And the fact, that in spite of the humidity of the kitchens due to cooking and washing, it does not rot as easily in comparison to other woods.

Oak does cost a little more than the others, but as mentioned, durability does make up for the expense incurred. Apart, from the finely carved small chairs, there are also the foldable ones that can be kept away when not in use. The main advantage of these is that it is easier to carry them around the house, rather than the others.

While the plastic chairs are cost-effective, and oak ones are durable, yet there are people, who prefer other woods. For them, the traditional wooden kitchen chairs are what they want. They would rather not experiment with the bold plastic options. But then, nonetheless there are numerous design options where the wooden chairs are concerned. There are those that are ready to pick up from furniture showrooms, as well as the carpenters, who work on custom designs as requested by the customer.

No matter what kind of kitchen chairs, what is important that they fit in ones budget, requirement, as well as taste. And importantly, the one to use the kitchen most should be allowed to have the final say when deciding the furniture in the kitchen.