dal makhani recipe



To prepare dal makhani you need:


        1 cup of Masoor Dal (Lentil Dal)

        1 Onion ( 2 if the size is small)

        1 Tomato

        5-6 Green Chilies (add the chilies according to your taste)

        2-3 tbsp of Vegetable oil.

        2-3 tbsp of Ghee

        1/2 tsp of Garlic paste

        1 tsp of Shazeera (Kala jeera or Caraway seeds)

        2 Cardamom

        2 Cinnamon

        Chili Powder (add it only if necessary)

        Salt to taste

        2-3 cups of water.


Method of preparation:

        Cook the Massor Dal (Lentil Dal) in a pressure cooker till you listen 2 whistles and then keep it aside. Do not overcook the Dal.

        In a pan heat the oil. When hot add the garlic paste and let it fry for a while. Later add the onions & green chilies. Fry them till they are golden brown.

        And then finally add the tomatoes. When onions, green chilies & tomatoes are well cooked keep them aside & allow this mixture to cool.

        Once the mixture is cool grind it into a smooth paste and keep it aside.

        Also grind Shazeera & Cinnamon into fine powder separately and keep it aside.

        In another pan add ghee & heat it. Once hot add cardamom and then the powdered mixture of Shazeera & cinnamon.

        Allow it to splutter.

        Then add the cooked massor dal along with 2-3 cups of water (You can add more amount of water according to the consistency you want).

        Bring it to boil. And then add the fine smooth paste (onions + green chilies + tomatoes) to the masoor dal.

        Stir the whole mixture well & boil for about 5 minutes.

        Finally add the salt. (Add chili powder only if the spicy taste is reduced otherwise it's not required). Garnish with coriander & serve hot.



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