Tiffin Services

If preparing food is what one likes and is good at then picking up a career in this field would be very rewarding. One need not be a chef at a restaurant or hotel, but something that can be done at home. With so many people migrating across the city for work and being without their families, there is a great demand for home cooked food and one option for them is the homemade catering and tiffin customer service.

This is a very viable career option for housewives who can earn their side income by cooking meals and offering this service. Home tiffin service in India tie up with the typical dabbawalas (people who deliver tiffins) to have them deliver meals at respective work places. Most of the tiffin services set up a weekly or monthly menu discussing it with the client and the food is then sent accordingly.

For setting up such a home based business, one does not need to make any kind of additional investments. All one needs is a proper functioning kitchen. One may need to put in some money for additional kitchen equipments if necessary or buy tiffin boxes; but most home made food services, ask their clients to invest in the tiffin boxes, as per their preference.

However, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the quality of food and its consistency. The client must feel the tiffin service provider to be reliable and the diners should feel that they are getting their money’s worth. One should also avoid experimenting with the tiffin. However, if you wish to try out a new menu, mention in advance and probably provide the food free-to-taste, so that you get a proper feedback and then one can take a decision accordingly.
Another thing to keep in mind is that as more and more people are getting health conscious, one should try and make food which is healthy for the body. Too much of oily food is discouraged by most of the people. With people who are ready to experiment with food, tiffin service providers can in fact start a creative tiffin service where one can send various new recipes and dishes which are healthy and good to taste.

While being a tiffin service provider, try to know about the client’s food habits and his/her likes and dislikes in food. This will make you offer a much customized service to the diner and you will only be appreciated for the same. For e.g. if a person is a south Indian, he will sure love south Indian traditional food. Hence one should build good relations with the client and also call them once or twice a month to know what they feel about the tiffin and are they satisfied with the same. Get a feed back from them.  If they are not satisfied, ask them what they do not like in the food, know about their food preferences and make the desirable changes. It is very essential that one does not lose a client. Goodwill, experience and word of mouth advertising sure works as far as a tiffin service is concerned.