Kitchen Utensils

There is a wide variety of utensils that are used across the world. While there are some common kitchen utensils used amongst various nationalities, yet there are other’s that are more culture and country specific.
For instance, the Japanese have their own unique set of utensils. Also, various tribes of the world have not moved away from using their typical traditional cooking tools.

Here is a list of some of the commonly used kitchen cooking utensils:

– Pasting brush: This is also known as a pastry brush, which is used to spread oil evenly or then to glaze the food. The brush is like a paintbrush.
– Dough scraper: This is a tool that is used by the bakers to scrape away the left over dough from the surfaces on which they are worked.
– Blender: This is a kitchen appliance that is used to blend ingredients together, as well as to prepare a puree.
·- Bread knife: This is a serrated type of knife, which is usually between 6 and 10 inches in length and used to cut bread and cakes.
– Browning tray: This is an accessory used in the microwave oven, molded from glass or porcelain.
– Can opener: This is a tool used to open metal cans.
– Casserole: It is a large, deep, covered pot that can be used in the oven, as well as a serving dish.
– Cauldron: This is a large metal pot that was used traditionally for cooking or boiling water.
– Cheese cloth: This is a loosely woven piece of cotton cloth used to press cheese curds and preparing cottage cheese.
– Grater: This is tool used for grating food into very fin strips or then to powder the certain foodstuff.
– Chef’s knife: This is a multi-purpose knife, generally used by the chefs in hotels and restaurants.
– Cookie cutter: This is a tool used to create various shapes of cookies in uniform sizes.
·- Crockery: This is a common term used for all the dishes used in the kitchen, which includes the plates and bowls.
– Cutting board: This is also known as a chopping board, which is a flat surface used to cut and slice fruits and vegetables.
– Frying pan: This is for frying and browning foods.
– Garlic press: This is used to crush garlic cloves.
– Grill: These are largely of two types – gas-fueled and charcoal.
– Ladle: this is a type of spoon that is used to serve soup and other liquids.
– Lemon squeezer: This is used to squeeze fresh lemon juice without the seeds falling into the food.
– Measuring cup, mugs: This is used to measure the ingredients before putting them together.
– Measuring spoon: This is generally used when measuring the spices and herbs, or small quantities of ingredients.
– Mixing bowl: This is a rather deep bowl in which ingredients are mixed together before being cooked.
– Mixing spoon: This is spoon typically used for mixing the ingredients together.
– Mortar and Pestle: This is a pair of tools used together to grind certain foodstuff.
– Nut Cracker: This is used to crack walnuts and other nuts with a hard covering.
– Peeler: This is a tool to peel off the skin of potatoes, carrots and other such vegetables.
– Pepper mill: This is used to grind and sprinkle black pepper
– Pizza cutter: This is a special knife used to cut through pizzas
-Potato masher: This tool helps to completely mash the potatoes
– Rolling pin: This is used to roll out the dough flatly and evenly.
– Sieve: This separates wanted elements from unwanted elements.
– Spatula: This is a tool that is used for flipping, or spreading food stuff.
– Timer: This helps in maintaining precise cooking time to prevent either over or under cooking.
– Whisk: This is utensil used to blend or smoothen the ingredients.