Kitchen Designs

What is the most important room in any home? Well, most would say the bedroom, while others would say the bathroom, but then, actually it is the kitchen. Without the kitchen there is no food and water. Or rather, as most would insist, without the kitchen there is no home at all. Whether bachelor, spinster, family or couple, it is an important place to keep the cooking range, refrigerator and sink, amongst other objects or requirement.

Since time immemorial women have been extremely particular about their kitchen designs. Like many old fashioned men would say: ‘To keep the woman happy, you have to give her a kitchen decorated according to her likes, with no compromise at all; or then its going to be burnt and bad food for the stomach’.
And for many bachelors, it matters most how a woman maintains her kitchen. The better maintained and decorated the better the homemaker she can be expected to be. And if she is not living alone then check the way her mother has maintained her kitchen and one would know what to expect in the future.

One of the important essentials in interior design of kitchen is the cabinet. These are the storage spaces for all the food necessities that include the grains and pulses, oil, spices and herbs, fruits and vegetables, snacks, and cooking ingredients, and all else that is stored in this room of the house. According to the traditional grandmothers it is essential to hide the kitchen products in a cabinet, or then the neighbors would always envy how much one can afford, and this would bring about a starving household.

While this belief may seem rather outdated, yet that does not do away with the need of the cabinets. There are numerous kitchen cabinet designs created by interior designers. These are keeping in mind the convenience of the homemakers and others using them. The important aspect to keep in mind when selecting cabinets is the comfort and convenience. For this reason most prefer those with transparent glass doors.
Also, because of the rather excessive use of the cabinets, designers have kept in mind the typical wear and tear of the cupboards and for this reason have come about with child-friendly and user-convenient options where material for the hinges and knobs are concerned. There are old-fashioned open-close door designs, as well as the new age-sliding options.

In today’s day and age space has become a constraint. Gone are the days of large houses with spacious rooms. In fact, for a long, long time there was no need for exhaust fans because of the largeness of the kitchen, but today, it has become a necessity to avoid suffocation.

The modern kitchen designs are created keeping in mind the typical limitations of today’s day and age. And importantly these designs are compact and comfortable. Everything is placed within easy reach, with maximum that can be stored, and yet providing ample room for moving about easily.

As mentioned above, since space is a constraint for designers have largely concentrated on the small kitchen design. Compact, and yet enough of open space. In fact, one of the recommended designs is that of the open kitchen. This is a style wherein there is no wall that stands as a partition between the kitchen and the drawing room. Usually, in place of the wall is the foldable dining table
Another important aspect to be taken into account when doing up the kitchen is the kitchen lighting design. Earlier people used to know be very particular about this, but off late psychologists have been researching in depth the importance of appropriate lighting in the kitchen.

They feel that with proper lighting one is happier cooking in the kitchen, rather than considering it as a burden. And one’s frame of mind while cooking is important, as the emotions is one of the ingredients that goes into the food. So one cooking with love and cheerfully will definitely cook up a better meal than one who feels burdened doing the same. So, the right can of lighting plays an important role. And then no one wants sugar in their food in place of salt, for want of better lighting.