Kitchen Curtains

Sunlight is an important energy source for all forms of light, but excessive sunlight can do far more harm, than the good we think it does. It seems like a surprising statement, but there is much fact in this. Skin cancer, and other skin related ailments are caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Also, in highly humid regions, exposure to sunlight can over ripe the food and cause increasing pests. This even applies to the foods at home.
In fact, if one carefully reads the instructions on most medicine and food packages, it clearly says avoid direct exposure to the sun – store in a cool place. This also applies to the fruits and vegetables one stores at home. Even if not refrigerated in order to maintain the freshness, yet it all needs to be placed in a cool corner of the kitchen, well covered.

It is for this reason that one requires to put up kitchen curtains. And for practical and safety reasons the cooking range should not be close to the window. To state obvious, the warm or cold breeze would make it almost impossible to keep the stove fire burning. However, apart from that the curtains could catch fire rather easily. Most people prefer the washing area where the window is.

When fixing up the curtains in the kitchen, they do not have to be the long flowing ones like those put up in the rest of the house. Nor are the lace and other flimsy ones required. This is because while cooking or cleaning any food stuff, a lot of the germs and bacteria may just get caught in fabric such as lace, and this can be harmful for the family.

The kitchen window curtains are often coated with a light film that makes it easy to wipe regularly. Which comes to another important factor: rather than the complicated curtain rods and fixtures, one should opt for the simple hooks that allows one to easily remove the curtains as often as possible.

Many people purchase two to three sets of curtains for the kitchen, so that while one is off for a wash another can be pulled out. And during the monsoons, a third spare one always helps, considering how difficult it is to dry them. Also the maximum germs and bacteria spread in the monsoons, and in very humid regions in the summer season.

When opting for kitchen window curtains, it should be of a thick fabric with a light background that would allow the sunlight to pass through. While one needs to protect the kitchen and themselves from the direct sunlight, yet it does not mean that the kitchen has to blacked out completely. There should be natural light during the day.

The interesting patterns are those of the country kitchen curtains. These are usually the floral patterns, as well as those with prints of fruits and vegetables. These curtains have a light background with colors such as white, beige, pink, mauve, yellow and the light powder shades of green, blue, purple, as well as gray.

There are also the block prints, as well as the hand painted options. Interestingly, kitchen curtains have prints that are well spaced out and rather big, instead of closely placed designs that make the curtain look too crowded. Like the experts say, they are the curtains that breathe.

For those who do prefer lace kitchen curtains, then ideally they should have them coated with a light plastic film. This is because they are easier to wipe and maintain on a daily basis. As mentioned earlier, the main problem with the lace curtain is that is tends to become a storehouse for the kitchen germs and bacteria. However, on the positive side, the lace ones allows circulation of air while cooking.

There is one more option for the curtains in the kitchen, which is in the form of the blinds. These are rather cost effective, and easy to maintain. They can be easily wiped on a daily basis, and keep the kitchen cool. They can be drawn in various ways thereby in a way regulating the amount of sunlight one would rather permit into the kitchen