Kitchen Counter Tops

Should it be granite or marble, or then stainless steel? Can it be wood or plastic? Is it possible for it be of glass or fiber glass? What is being spoken about here? The answer is simple, yet here is a little quiz… what part of the kitchen is used for chopping, slicing, placing the kitchen gadgets, keeping the cooking range, in many homes drying the utensils after a wash? No prizes for guessing this… The answer is the kitchen counter top.
This is regarded as the actual workspace of the kitchen, or rather of every homemaker. She chops, grinds, cooks, dries, slices, peels, prepares… she spends a large amount of her time standing at the counter top cooking for her family. And it is important that this workspace is of her choice. Anything forced on her will not make the process of cooking all that enjoyable for her.

Apart from that one needs to keep in mind the general aesthetics of the kitchen. This implies the color of the walls and cabinets, according to which one can select the counter top. Or then may be in the initial stages one can first decide on this flat surface and then go into the other things needed in the kitchen.

Most interior designers opine that a kitchen should have the flooring and counter top of the same material. For instance, if the kitchen flooring is of marble slabs, then the counter should be of the same. This makes the kitchen look spacious. Yet, there are others who feel that a contrasting look seems like a better option so as to break the monotony of the interiors.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to selecting the counter tops for the kitchen. One can be as creative as they want to be. There are some who opt for the painted tiles – floral designs or fruits and vegetables painted on them and the floor tiling would be plain; the background shade of the counter tiles. Then there are some who prefer a colorful and vibrant kitchen to the play with bright color tiles and keep the walls white.

However, amongst the most common options are the granite kitchen counter tops. This is a cheaper option as compared to the preferred marble slabs. These are also easy to maintain, as they are in shades of dark gray, going into black. And so any kind of stains is camouflaged, especially the stubborn stains of oil and turmeric powder. These counter tops need not be tiled, instead they are a single run-on slab, which is an advantage over tiling counters.

Where the tiled counters are concerned, the cement that fixes them together may corrode over a period of time. They also become a breeding ground for cockroaches that would lay their eggs in any crevice they find. But, then with proper care and appropriate cleaning methods this problem can be avoided.

There are some traditional homemakers who prefer wooden kitchen counter tops. These are laid with fire-resistant and water proof wood. These need high maintenance and one needs to be extremely careful with these tops.

However, the creative prefer the tile for counter tops kitchenware. This is because as mentioned there is scope to play around with colors and designs. There are numerous ways in which one can lay out these tiles – from something sober to something eye-catching and vibrant.

It is all about personal preference. However, one needs to keep in mind the need to make the kitchen look spacious despite what the color scheming or material used to do the interiors. A cramped up looking kitchen creates frustration and one which seems spacious makes one prepare meals with an open and happy heart.