Kitchen Appliances

Gone are the days of manual working in the kitchen, where cooking three meals a day would take the entire day. Now the delicious dishes are prepared in no time. Half-an-hour for breakfast, forty-five minutes for lunch and dinner in an hour. Or even if it takes longer one is not needed to take a daily steam bath in the kitchen, stirring and stirring. Instead there are the automatic slow cookers that can be timed and would go off without being physically present to do so. Or then timing it and carrying out all other chores while the food is being cooked.

This has rightly been termed as the Age of Technology. Around the world there are companies that have strong Research and Development department working towards making human life all the more automated, even in the kitchen. And so, from the very first appliance ever manufactured to the present day ones there is such a vast difference. Look at the advancements in the cooking ranges. From the stoves to the electric cooking ranges is a marvel in itself.

In China and Japan research and development has been happening towards creating robots that would carry out all the daily kitchen chores. The homemaker would probably have to only maintain the automated kitchen worker. But for now, its all abut the common kitchen appliances which include devices such as the oven, microwave, toaster, mixer, grinder, blender, dishwasher and drier, coffee maker, juicer, chopper, slicer, peeler, refrigerator… the list seems to go on.

Because of space constraints most households prefer the small kitchen appliances instead of the larger ones that occupy too much space and carry out the manual chores as before. For instance, the dishwasher, which is not an essential where space constraint is concerned. After all, there are other smaller appliances that could be important time-savers.

For those setting up their kitchens and are doing so within a restricted budget it is ideal to wait for those electronic sales that happen during festival time. In India, it is a tradition to make electronic purchases, or rather given as corporate gifts during festivals such as Gudi Padwa, Dasshera, Diwali and the regional New Year celebrations. And to make most of sales at this time the shops and showrooms offer the enticing discounts. So, rather than being in hurry to make purchases one should wait to buy the discount kitchen appliances.

There are various sources to research into the varied appliances for the kitchen. Also, there is an entire section dedicated to compact kitchen appliances. Most publications – daily and monthly – provide a detailed review into the products available, with a consumer rating. This definitely helps ensure that one is making the appropriate purchase.

However, when buying kitchen appliances there are few things that one needs to keep in mind to ensure that the money is spent wisely. Here are the basic points to be kept in mind:
-Quality of the product: It is important to ensure that one purchases thee best quality within the defined budget. There should be no compromise.

-Efficiency of the product: The appliance should use minimal energy or electricity and provide maximum output.

-Functioning of the product: The appliance should be simple to operate by all members of the family.

-changeable panels, so that when redecorating the kitchen one need worry about restricting oneself to the existing color-scheming of the appliance.

-After sales service of the product: This is an important factor, as one does not want to spend weeks together chasing the serviceman or a replacement.