Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

There is a general myth attached to healthy food, which says that healthy food recipes are dry, boring and so tasteless. They are more like compulsory medicines, rather than food that can be enjoyed at meal times. Well, that is a rather big misconception. Healthy eating calls for a lot of variety and lot more fun to cook and eat. It calls for so much experimentation. And yet, top of the list is the fact is that they promote good health.
The healthiest of recipes are those that require the vegetables to be boiled or steamed. Because once that is done one can experiment with a number of sauce concoctions to spice up what could otherwise be bland food. There is the choice of the various pastas and spaghetti. And if bored of that then try out the variety of bread available.

Lets say, for a change instead of having oil-rich food for the next party you are hosting, we try and health food vegetarian spread that would leave everyone smacking their lips and asking for more… Sounds like a good idea. Well then here is an entire meal spread from the soup to the appetizers to the main course and a dessert thrown in.

Who knows the husbands may just want their wives to take a crash course in healthy vegetarian recipes from you. And wouldn’t you enjoy all the praises after the efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Why not get into the kitchen and try out this party spread.

Lets begin with the drinks… Here’s a yummy health drink that is a real cooler.

The Healthy Tonic:
·        Apple juice
·        Cucumber juice
·        Watermelon juice
·        Diced oranges
·        Ice
·        Mint leaves
·        Sliced lemons
Preparing the tonic:
Mix the apple juice, cucumber juice and watermelon juice. Toss in the diced oranges. When pouring into individual glasses put in a lot of ice. Garnish the glass with mint leaves, on the edge place a slice of lemon. Ideally should be served in a tall glass.

The appetizer:
Cottage cheese grilled:
·        Diced cottage cheese
·        Black salt
This is very simple to prepare and if you have a barbeque stand then the guests would enjoy roasting their own pieces of cottage cheese. It is quick to cook, just a few minutes of roasting and dip it in the black salt for taste. Well, along with that you could have some cucumber and radish, along with carrots doing the rounds.

The clear soup:
·        Cabbage
·        Carrots
·        Mushrooms,
·        Spinach
·        Finely shopped ginger
·        Black pepper
·        Vegetable stock
·        Salt to taste
·        Black pepper powder
To prepare boil all the ingredients together. The cooking time is half an hour. You could place some sauces on the table to spice up the healthy soup.

Main course:
Stir Fried Vegetables
·        Broccoli
·        Cabbage
·        Mushrooms
·        Spinach
·        Brinjal
·        Zucchini
·        Baby Corn
·        Soya Sauce
·        Salt to taste
This can be prepared before the guests come and then heated when it has to be served or then can be prepared there and then. Before hand one needs to keep the vegetables in salt water. When ready to toss in the minimal oil it should straight out of the salt water. The oil needs the Soya Sauce to be added to it. Otherwise one can also marinate the vegetables in Soya Sauce. This can be served with garlic bread.

To spice up this dish one can marinate the vegetables in various other sauces.

It can be served with some gravy or a curry and boiled rice.

For dessert – the recipe is simple – fresh fruits, fresh fruits and fresh fruits. The low-cal ice creams can also be placed on the table.