Fusion Cooking

Asparagus Fritters With Mint Cream

Asparagus is not a vegetable you will see on a traditional Indian dinner table. When consumed, it is done as a novelty…In fact even many of the Indian families living in US for quite a while appear not to ever  have tasted it. A shame really, for this stem like vegetable has a charmingly delicate favor all it’s own. Not much is needed in the way of effort to bring out the pleasing taste of asparagus. A simple steam is enough many times.

But India, blissfully, is not known for it’s boiled vegetables. We like to “cook” them – stir fry, sauté, roast, deep fry or simmer in a curry is our province…And so we try to do the same to all the “foreign” vegetables we encounter – artichokes, broccoli, leek, zucchini…even rhubarb (I kid you not !) meet with the same fate.  Results, in most cases are tasty and flavorful. So it should come as no surprise that asparagus has been put through the same Indian taste test and it has come out victorious

Since my first  hesitant encounter with asparagus, I have grown to strongly like these delicate little stems. I have made them in to a spicy curry, sautéed them with red onion , added them to my version on countless pasta dishes and stir fries…