Diabetic Diet Plan

The number of patients affected by Diabetes is increasing by the day.
While Type I Diabetes is primarily a result of hereditary, the Type II diabetes, is becoming a matter of concern.

This is because the incidence of people with high blood sugar levels post the age of thirty and forty is rapidly increasing.

Though Type II Diabetics are no insulin-dependent, yet it cannot be ignored. They also have to take a lot of care to keep their sugar levels under control. High blood glucose can lead to major health hazards over a period of time. This includes organ ailments, heart ailments, amongst the other complications. Yet, it is not difficult to keep the sugar levels under control; that too without medication.

How is this possible? One can maintain normal sugar levels by following a proper diabetic diet plan and exercise everyday to burn the sugars. There are a large number of diabetics who have gone of their tablets by maintained a disciplined lifestyle that not only includes eating and drinking right, but also going for regular check ups. Apart from that also maintaining stress levels at normal levels by means such as Yoga and meditation.

However, medication can be stopped where Type II diabetics are concerned. However, for Type I diabetics, insulin injections cannot ever stop. Yes, this is the bad news. But, the good news is that the doses can reduce if one works towards living the right way.

Most important is that one needs to visit a Diabetologist on a regular basis. Apart from that one needs to go for regular blood tests – fasting and post-lunch and maintain a proper record of the test results. There are companies that have manufactured at-home blood testing devises that helps one randomly check their sugar levels. These are helpful in case of those with high fluctuations in the glucose levels.

Most Diabetologists have a dietician/nutritionists who provide diabetic diet plans for the patients. The plan is changed from time to time to avoid monotony. The most important aspect of the plan is to maintain the food timings. One suffering from diabetes cannot afford to starve themselves. In fact, they need to have a snack every two to three hours, rather than eating three large meals.

Diabetologists generally promote a diabetic diet plan that says – eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a rich man and dinner like a pauper. The basic principle behind this is the physical activity after each meal. Since breakfast is the first meal it should be lavish. After this usually one is physically active and burns the maximum calories. Thereafter comes the lunch wherein one tends to become rather sluggish, yet it is followed by some activities. Finally comes the dinner after which is sleeping time. This means no or negligible physical activity.

Keeping this in mind, one needs to prepare or rather follow a proper diet plan. The main objective to be achieved to burn maximum calories in the day. However, while most would feel that if one were to burn calories in any which ways then why be so disciplined about food. After all an hour at the gym would burn it all away.

It needs to be kept in mind that the heavier the food, which means rich in fat and cholesterol, the more difficult it is to break down. Ideally, a diabetic should consume foods that burn calories easily. The food that is easy to digest. The lighter the food the better. That is why instead of heavy meals, one is recommended to have smaller meals, or snacks every couple of hours. And the snacks include fruits and salads; and strictly not binging on the fatty-fried snacks.

The dietician prepares personalized dietary plans depending on the individual’s lifestyles and other physical aspects such as weight and height, as well as the average sugar levels maintained, along with the daily medication. Though diabetes is a serious problem, yet if maintained under control one can lead a normal lifestyle. There are popular sport stars and super stars, who have climbed to the top of the ladder in their professions in spite of being diabetic.

The idea is to live a life of awareness. Be aware of the physical needs. Follow a proper diabetic diet plan, exercise, practice Yoga and meditation, take walks after meals, smile and enjoy life. Stress and turmoil is a part of life, do not make it your life. Keeping these points In mind, though diabetic you can lead a very healthy life, minus the complications that generally affect out of control diabetic levels.